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I, G.R Saba having more than 30 years of experience with small to large private and government companies, am an expert and professional in commercial operations such as Contract Engineering,  Ship Chartering, Transportation, International Banking Affairs, Sale & Purchase, Transit, Customs...etc in the Iranian Territory. Every project entrusted to me becomes my personal responsibility and I will remain closely involved with the project until completion. After about 25 years of direct engagement in the international trade, I would be pleased to offer my long experience to the entities who might need the best solutions to their commercial businesses. My job background and commercial knowledge have provided me with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a commercial project specially to be performed in Iran. I am pleased to provide my Clients with expert advices on any aspects of their commercial operations, contractual issues, Logistics and performance analysis resulting in cost effective yet  innovative solutions. I would also be glad to render my services to the respected Clients.

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What I Do

It's more than three decades that I have been working the various fileds of International Trade resulting in a good knowledge about every aspects of this Industry. However I have categorized such large industry to the following main items

Contract Engineering

Having a long experience in drafting any type of Sale& Purchase Contracts, M.O.A, M.O.U ...etc, according to the International and Iranian Laws & Regulations, I am able to stipulate what you would need to be included in your commercial contracts in order to protect your interests and rights as well as having a smooth performance without any contractual and/or legal problems.

International banking

A long activities in the Domestic and International Banking Affairs specially on payment instruments and B.Gs has made me able to handle any kind of such banking issues focusing on the Iranian Banking Regulations, Restrictions/ Possibilities, and if required, taking advantage of the Int'l/  Professional/ Fair Financiers Services according to UCP/URR Regulations.

shipping & port operation

I have been working for GTC of Iran for 17 Years. for the last 7 years I held the position of Commercial Operations Manager whose function was chartering about 200 various ships per year. Yet I continued the same function in my own company as well as other private companies like Freedom Sky, PCC International Co. as well as in Commodit Edge LLC since 2013 by chartering about 50 different ships of panamx, supramax, handy size... etc. Containerized shipment, Flexi Tank operation is one of the activities I have been doing for so many years. I am also expert in C/P resolutions, dem/dis Settlement, loading and discharge ops., cargo claims, customs affairs.

land/rail/transit operation

My records of activities verify that I am able to offer you the best/ most competitive services/ prices for Land and Rail/ Wagon Transportation inside Iranian/ International territories as well as for  transition of any types of cargoes including White Sugar, Fertilizers, Liquids, Wet Blue, Sulphur...etc from CIS to any corner of the world or vice versa through Iranian territories. Flexi Tank supply and operations is also available/ already worked by me while selling Base Oil to China and South Africa. I have good expeirience on the Iranian Caspian Sea Ports through years of various commodities handling over there.


See what Industries I work

It's a wide range I have ever been working including Foodstuffs (Meat, Chicken, Cereals, Sugar, Milk Powder, Butter...), Grains & Veg. Oils (Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oil Seeds, Veg. Oils (Sun, Soy...), Meals, Fertilizers (Nitrogen & Phosphate types), Papers (Reel, Sheet),  Steel Products (Long, Flat, Coil), Raw Materials for Steel Industries (Met Coke, Coking Coal, Pet Coke, Ores), Minerals (Ores, Petroleum Products), Ship Chartering, Land/Rail Transportation, Cargo Transit to/ from CIS and International Banking Operations (Ls/C, BGs, Financial Facilities, Shipping Documents..)

Central Bank of Iran (CBI)

Any Governmental hard currency for importation of Goods and/or Services shall be allocated by "CBI" and advised to the Pying Bank. Details

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRSL) was established in 1967 and commenced its commercial operation by employing two home trade vessels and 4 larger ocean going vessels. Presently, IRISL Group is the largest commercial fleet in the Middle East. Details

Rail/ Wagon Transportation

One of my work areas is to use Railway facilities for cargo transit to/ from CIS Countries and perhaps in the near future, to take advantage of this transportation facility under Silk Road Scheme. Details


There are few Governmental Transport Companies in Iran. The large Iranian Truck Navigation consists of Single Owners/ Drivers who are operating under Policies made by the Road Maintenance and Transport Organization of Iran. Details

Port Operations

I am expert in C/P resolution (Dry & Liquid), Warehousing, Fobbing Operation, Dem/Disp Settlement, Ship Agency, Cargo Claim, Insurance, Customs Formalities. Details

Contract Engineering

I am able to stipulate what you would need to be included in your commercial contracts in order to protect your interests and rights as well as having a smooth performance without any contractual and/or legal problems. Details

You may see on the following strip the other fields of my profession.
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